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How does it
work? is a unique place for creative minds, where you can finally earn money from home on your great ideas.

One big creative community is one big creative community full of people with unique minds, great hands and sometimes crazy ideas.

Did you ever wish your hobby could earn you some extra cash? Whatever you are good at: graphics, programming, sound effect, drawing, impersonating, online advertising...offer it here and start making money online from home now.

Now is the right time. is a place, where every good service/product offered can be sold. Register today and earn money from home from your ideas and creativity.

Add your gigs and start to earn money from home online today. Offer services under 250 USD. The world´s creativity under one roof.

Why Gigzon?

The power of community creates a community of people who enjoy doing micro jobs, selling cheap services and providing original products online. The freedom of freelancing! The other side is the community of buyers, companies and individuals who are looking for affordable services for themselves or their business.

Seller protection
The seller has the security and safety of knowing that payment is posted before he even starts work, and will be added to his earnings on time. Buyer protection: Buyers are 100% safe, because money for undelivered gigs is returned to their account.

Show off your Talent is the easiest tool to show the world what you can deliver. Offer what people are looking for, and then get paid for it.

Set up a FREE account on Add your first gig and start selling right away. Posting a service or product is always free. We only charge a 10% commission for completed orders, which means costs you nothing. You work, you earn.

Why 10% commission? connects thousands of sellers to millions of buyers, who might not otherwise meet and do business. Your commissions go towards site improvements, advertizements, hardware and staffing. We tried to find people as qualified as the ones we use, who would work for free. Alas, none answered the employment ad. We don't want to sell ads or “Premium Accounts” which would decrease the number of buyers and sellers available at, either. We promise to always keep our commission fee as low as possible.

How to sell? is a place where you can offer services or products for up to $100.00.

Set up a FREE account on and then add your first gig. A unique product or service that you're good at.

All gigs start with “I will ____ for ___ $ price”. Fill in the spaces with your gig and add some pictures.

To improve your chances of sales, share the gig with your Friends on all the social networks. You get Gigzon points for that as well. Use your points to get your gig featured in the “top picks” on the Home Page.

Every time you get an order, we will notify you via email. So make sure you add us to your Contact list!

Your money is posted to your earnings 10 days after you deliver your gig to the buyer. From there, it’s just a simple step to have it sent to your PayPal account.

It's just as easy as that! For more Q & A, click here.

How to buy and save?

Some of the services you’ll find here might seem strange or curious, but it's great to find out how much money you can save with

How to shop
Shopping on is very simple. Just set up your FREE account, then find the gig that suits your needs. Let’s say you need 10,000 of fans for your Facebook fanpage. Find a seller who offers that service at a price you agree to, then click the “Order now” button on their Gig.

If you have any questions or concerns before you order, contact the seller through a message. That's free too.

In the shopping cart, add as many gigs as you want and head for the checkout.

That will take you about 2 minutes, max.

Pay with PayPal or by Credit Card

Send the seller your instructions, and the show begins. The seller receives a notification via their private email, every time you write a message.

When the gig is delivered you can approve it or decline it, or simply have some adjustments done.

Once the gig is accepted by you, your money is transferred to the seller. If the seller messes up or something goes wrong, you’ll get your money credited back to your account.

Easy as that. If you need more info, click here.